Sunday, July 31, 2011


Daylight lingers long--sultry summer sun
an early moon roosted high watches, waits for sun’s egress
yet, she lingers on

Charlotte sits on the porch, rocking
in a simple chair of solid maple,
rocking forward, creaking back
rocking forward, creaking back
in a faded sundress that hangs loose
at her hips,
clings limply
to sunken shoulders

Stray, wild strands from ginger hair, lightened by age,
bunched and plopped atop her head,
tickle and cool her neck,
rocking forward, creaking back
on weakened floor boards,
a wrap-around porch
with cracked paint railings
and splintered steps

Horseflies buzz in air thick
with dandelion seeds, hay, manure,
Charlotte rocking forward, creaking back
snaps heads and tails from green beans,
snap, snap, drop, toss
nimble fingers, gently old
quickly jerk, break off ends,
release crisp, green aroma,
snap, snap, drop, toss

Sometimes takes one raw bean in her mouth,
tastes its leafy, earthy sweetness,
its fuzzy coat and seeping center,
snap, snap, drop, toss
discarded ends settle in the bottom of a bucket,
prized, meaty centers pile high in a large silvery bowl

Without looking, her aim is perfect,
the rocking forward, creaking back
never throwing her off
as daylight, lingers long,
looks for its way out.

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