Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Three of Teacher Training Workshop

Day Three of the Teacher Training Workshop went well. Since we were working on levels 5 and 6--the most advanced, it was great having the younger teachers to help illustrate some of the more physically challenging elements (thanks Lianne and Alex!).

Loved trading ideas and information with Genevieve (hope you have a safe trip home—oh, I am going to take your suggestion about the DVD’s). I got a kick out of seeing a self-professed non-jazz dancer totally rock the latin hips and Cuban walk (work it Irene). And, Melissa’s bubbly energy brought such humor, joy and insight to the classes (thank you).

In the evening, Melissa and I did a photo shoot for Ridgefield Magazine. Donned in outfits from local stores (mine from Hutton's--I got to wear a hat!--and Melissa's from Parker East Dry Goods), we had a good time goofing off and feeling awkward in front of the camera. It’s funny how as dancers we seem naturally more comfortable moving than we do posing.

I ended the night on a low note though. Watched Lifetime’s new reality show about a dance studio in Pittsburgh (where I was born-go Steelers). Very sad. Fortunately, the show was not very interesting or good so hopefully it will quickly fade into the oblivion of reality TV irrelevance.

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  1. Thanks James for inspiring me all over again to become both a better teacher and dancer.