Sunday, October 23, 2011

NDEO Conference Day 3

I presented my presentation! It felt great and I am excited with the ideas and conversations that followed from those in attendance. It was really kind of Luc and Rebecca to come to my presentation when they had a workshop for their book Dance and the Alexander Technique following right after it.

After I finished, I rushed back to the hotel and changed so I could take their workshop. Their book, which I own and use, provides the missing link for applying Alexander Technique in a practical way toward teaching dance (no matter the style). What resonated with me this particular workshop was the use of the spirals in turning. I look forward to exploring it with my students this week.

The closing ceremonies consisted of the presentation of a lifetime achievement award for Anne Green Gilbert, a Bill Evans piece choreographed on college undergrads in attendance, a 50-and-over dance performance, and a reception.

Curious note: the dance educators are so tame in comparison with the American Dance Therapists Association which had a rip-roaring dance party with a 10-piece band. Maybe I should change careers?


  1. Yay! Im now following your blog James! I hope all is well! You are such an inspiration!:) - Nina Madsen

  2. Thanks Nina - you are the best. If anyone lives near Tulsa, go see and support Nina and her company TuMM Dance Theatre!