Sunday, August 26, 2012

Times They Are A . . .

Change is definitely in the air. At least for my family and me. This summer has been a whirlwind time of transition. Recently, Jakobi graduated from High School; Melissa, Jakobi and I relocated over a thousand miles away to St. Louis; I started teaching at Webster University; and Melissa started grad school at Fontbonne University.

On Tuesday, Jakobi will begin a “gap year” that includes traveling to Europe and (possibly) Asia with his friend Sean. I am excited for him. I believe the trip will be the most eye (and mind) opening experience for him. Working and traveling in other countries, seeing other worlds and lifestyles, changed my worldview in ways that I now value greatly. He is an “old soul” and I am confident he will garner so much from his gap year. So, while it frightens the hell out of me to imagine him on his own, I think it is an incredible opportunity and I am proud of his initiative. When his adventure is over, he will join Melissa and me in St. Louis.

Although neither Melissa nor I had any experiences in St. Louis prior to this point in our lives, I grew up in Ohio and this is, in some ways, a return to the Midwest. There are numerous things I will miss about Ridgefield, CT: the aesthetic beauty, the people, the proximity to New York City, to name a few. But, change is good—right?

With all this change, I will welcome the time when we settle on a regular and steady schedule. But, with Jakobi leaving on Tuesday, we will be facing the biggest change of all as a family. So, here’s to Jakobi and his new adventures...may they be fascinating, exciting, and safe!

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