Friday, February 8, 2013

Singularity in the Creative Process

We are in the fourth week of rehearsals for the Singularity Project now and we have begun forming phrases from the vocabulary of movement the dancers discovered. In the first week and a half, I gave the dancers group, solo, and duet improvisational tasks. I recorded the improvisational studies and plucked from them the movement ideas that piqued my curiosity.

Using the movement ideas, I again asked the dancers to improvise with a partner through the third week of rehearsals. From the recordings of these explorations, I chose to arrange certain phrases into sequences with small transitions to connect them. The five phrases on the video are still rough, but they developed directly from the dancers explorations.

Had these explorations occurred with a different set of dancers, in a different time, or with different cues, the phrases would be entirely unique. I am particularly interested in the singularity of these phrases...that they are unique to this group - at this time - and not merely a case of the choreographer setting his own ideas on foreign bodies.

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