Saturday, April 6, 2013

a series of singular events premiering April 12

In a week I will premiere my first work for the Webster University Dance Ensemble. The piece, a series of singular events, began as the Singularity Project and I have shared elements of the creative process that went into its creation here on this blog. While movement phrases--and their development--have been posted here, I have not talked much about the technological aspects of the work.

First, I created a soundscape by editing and mixing recordings of Tibetan singing bowls, electronic chamber music, and good old analog television static. Does digital cable television have static? I wonder if there soon will be a day where, when I use the word static, young kids will look at me as if I am speaking a foreign language—much like they do now when I mention a typewriter. Anyway, I used Logic Express software on a MacBook Pro to create the soundscape.

In addition to the soundscape, I created a video collage from public domain footage I gathered from I edited the collage using Adobe Premiere Pro. In the performance of a series of singular events, I will mix the pre-mixed video collage with video of the audience members gathered just prior to the performance in the lobby with a Sony Bloggie video camera and live video feeds of the dancers performing on stage using both a webcam and the built-in Facetime Camera from a MacBook Pro. This mix of images will be projected using interactive multimedia software called Isadora.

Hopefully, the technological aspects of this work will enhance, rather than overpower, the experience of this piece. If you happen to be local or visiting in the St. Louis area April 12 to the 14, please come and support the work we are doing here. I am pleased to be sharing a concert with my talented and storied colleagues: Michael Uthoff, Maurya Kerr, Jennifer Huffman, Omar Olivas, Beckah Reed, and Monica Newsam.

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